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SW Furniture Polish 19oz 12/CS

SKU: 811W

SW Furniture Polish 19oz 12/CS

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  • Fingerprints and smudge marks detract from the appearance of furniture and surfaces, while dust buildup can irritate allergies increase health problems. This easy-to-use polish takes care of both issues in one simple step. The product can be sprayed directly onto the surface to be cleaned or by using a microfibre cloth for those hard-to-reach areas. Avoid overspray on floors as the surface may become slippery.

    • Dust repellant, keeping furniture clean for longer
    • Quick and ready-to-use
    • Contains lemon oil to leave a fresh citrus scent
    • Does not build up or leave a residue
    • Dusts, cleans, and polishes in one step
    • Designed for industrial and commercial use - anywhere wood and many other surfaces require special care
    • Protects fine furniture, woodwork, Formica, plastic, chrome, marble, porcelain, and leather
    • Removes stains, smudges, and fingerprints
    • Simple spray on, wipe off application
    • Excellent routine surface cleaner and polisher
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