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Plastic Lids 4C Bowls 10x100/CS

SKU: L700

Plastic Lids 4C Bowls 10x100/CS

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Nothing compares to the convenience, ease-of-use and durability when it comes to Genpak - Plastic Lid - 4C. Ideally suited to provide the best packaging solutions for the food service industry including restaurants, hotels, takeaways and fast-food joints. Whether the food is cold or hot, Genpak's food lids are known for their perfection.

  • Made from HIPS (6) Plastic
  • Vented lids that fit: 4C, 3.5M, 700m & 500k
  • Opaque White in Colour
  • Lid works with hot or cold applications
  • Lid is Flat
  • Packed 10x100ct
  • Box Weight 4.5lbs
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