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Liquid Deodorant Pink 4x4L

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Liquid Deodorant Pink 4x4L

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Liquid Deodorant - Stops Organic Odour

Carpet - 2oz. to 1 gallon of diluted shampoo. To eliminate smoke / urine / vomit / excrement odour / mildew; more
may be needed depending on intensity of offending odour.
Squeeze a drop or two for the following. Hospitals- LIQUID DEODORANT will not stain bed pads, blankets or clothing.
General - Wadhrooms, toilets, garbage cans & disposals, litter pans, pet beds, closets, air conditioned rooms or enclosed areas.
Room Deodorizing - Highly concentrated, use a few drops of LIQUID DEODORANT in a pan of water.
Paint Odour - 1 drop in corner of room.
Mop Bucket - 1 or 2oz in bucket of scrub-water for all areas especially meat and ishmarkets; restaurants, boats etc.
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