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Frost Pedestal For Heavy Duty Ashtray

SKU: 909-100

Frost Pedestal For Heavy Duty Ashtray

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Frost’s 909-100 pedestal is intended for use with the code 909 ash bin, the 2010 pet waste dispenser, and/or 2011 pet waste disposal to allow for ground mounting where wall mounting is impractical. This will most commonly be used in courtyards, parks, near condominiums, and outside office buildings, malls, airports, and universities.


  • Made with heavy duty cold rolled steel
  • Finished with grey polyester rust proof paint
  • Can be mounted to the ground or imbedded in cement
  • For use with Frost 909, 2010, or 2011
  • Height of 121.9cm (48”)
  • For use with:
  • Frost code 909 – stainless steel ashtray
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