Frost Robe Hook - Single (1138-S)

Frost Robe Hook - Single (1138-S)

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Features: Concealed mounting.

Material: Robe hook portion fabricated from 16 gauge stainless steel type 304, no. 4 brushed finish.

Installation: Screw concealed mounting system: The mounting bracket is attached to the wall with screws at the desired height. The unit is then hooked onto the bracket. When the set screw is tightened the product is firmly secured to the wall. The set screw applies pressure to an inclined surface on the bracket this provides a rattle free and integral mounting of the product. (mounting bracket and screws provided).

Shipping Size: 2″D x 2″W x 2″H
Shipping Weight: 0.5 lbs. (0.22 kg.)

Dimensions: 1.5″D x 2″W x 2″H