Cera Klean

Cera Klean

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Cera Clean revolutionary formula clings to vertical surfaces, allowing for improved cleaning efficiency, even in hard to reach areas.
Cera Clean eliminated uramic salts, Soils hard water stain, lime an dust stains while leaving a fresh apple scent.
Toilet Bowls: Pour about 2oz. into the bowl. Allow to sit for 2 minutes then swab all surfaces thoroughly. Flush when finished.
For initial cleaning of badly stained bowls, follow the same procedure but use 4-6oz. and repeat if necessary.
Urinals: Squeeze bottle to apply over all surfaces of the urinal- particularily behind the rims. Swab well & flush.
Once a month an extra 4oz. should be injected directly into the waste pipe.
Sprakita: CERA CLEAN Safety Acid Bowl & Urinal Cleaner, 1L Bottle.

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