Cascades PRO Perform™ White Interfold Napkins for Tandem®, 1 ply 16 x 376 (T410)

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  • Reduce napkin consumption and waste by 25% in foodservice settings including cafeterias, ice cream shops, and fast food restaurants with Cascades PRO Perform interfold napkin twin packs.
  • These interfold white napkins dispense one-napkin-at-a-time when used with the Cascades PRO Tandem napkin dispensing system.
  • This combination supports consistent quality and a more economical and hygienic napkin dispensing experience than standard napkins/dispensers.
  • UL certified, these 100% recycled fiber napkins are also a more environmentally friendly choice.

Dimensions Shipping Unit: 17.4 x 15.9 x 13.75 in (44.1 x 40.3 x 34.9 cm)