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Clarke® SalTix 10 HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Clarke® SalTix 10 HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner


Manufacturer: Clarke (Nilfisk)
Part No: 107410362
Product Description:

Clarke Saltix 10 HEPA Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner SKU#CLK107410362 - OPTIONAL HEPA FILTER AVAILABLE. Clarke Saltix 10 HEPA canister vacuum cleaner is a well-built and thoroughly reliable machine with a lightweight, sustainable design. Features include: Best in class filling capacity (for rapid dust bag change), Weighs just 11.5 pounds for ease of transport, Quiet 50 dBA for daytime cleaning, Secure accessory and power cord storage with rear mounted wand and floor tool storage.

Product Specifications:
Height: 15.4"
Collection Bag: 2.1 Gallon (10 Litres) Disposable Paper Dust Bag
Motor: 120 V / 60Hz
Power Cord: 33 ft safety yellow

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